5 Life Principles That Characterize Each Horoscope Sign

For some, honor and honesty are most important. For some, the law is their freedom and independence. Discover the life principles that guide your zodiac sign.


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1. It’s not worth arguing with me.
2. It is better to do something than regret not being later.
3. A man always stays young if his spirit is young.
4. Stubbornness is not a vice.
5. I do not attack; I defend myself.


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1. I don’t want someone else’s, and I don’t want anyone to touch what is mine.
2. He who does not love food does not love people either.
3. You are never rich enough to buy cheap.
4. It is not worth arguing with a fool.
5. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.


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1. Who knows what to wear tomorrow.
2. Two brains are always smarter than one.
3. People are only comforted that quality is more important than quantity.
4. Love passes, friends stay.
5. Boredom is the devil’s playground.


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1. My house – my freedom.
2. He who waits, waits.
3. It is easier to find a flaw than to correct it.
4. Smart people were often called crazy by others.
5. Those who never change their minds love themselves more than the truth.


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1. It is better to go to the pinnacle of glory than to experience doom.
2. Good behavior is half the battle.
3. If you do something, do it right.
4. Love that is not shown enough – it is not.
5. Lies have short legs.


enA 22

1. Patience and perseverance are the keys to success.
2. A lie is not evil if it does good to others.
3. A man is met in three cases: eating, wealth, and drunkenness.
4. Spending time on something that doesn’t pay off is the biggest nonsense.
5. The brain should always be trusted, and the heart rarely.

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