4 Zodiacs that are most complicated to handle


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Although generous and kind, they can sometimes be challenging to handle because they seek attention. In addition, they usually do it dramatically, playing the victim and even going to extremes by crossing boundaries.


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The noble Cancer has bad days and takes a solid character to stay through its mood swings. But unfortunately, Cancer lacks control of its anger and can be pretty paranoid.


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Good at negotiating and social butterflies, the Libra has a dark side – it is pretty passive-aggressive. It means they will have contradictory feelings when under pressure. The unresolved feelings make them feel like they are not good enough, but at the same time, they feel like they are the best. Once confronted about their behavior, they always run away from taking responsibility. 


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Too sensitive and shy, they can be hard to handle once they become melancholic. They become too sensitive to every lousy word, become passive, indecisive, and lose faith in themselves.

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