4 Signs That He Had Enough and That He Will Leave You

How will you know you have worn him down: Your love is fading away? Maybe the problem is that you are a bit too jealous, always too available, or like to play smart.

It is not always someone else’s fault – if you are unlucky in love, maybe it is time to find out what you are doing wrong. Instead of always blaming others, it is time to take responsibility for everything. It is the first step to finally being in a happy and long relationship.


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If a woman is not showing her feelings or speaking her mind in a relationship, she will quickly be broken up. Men don’t like a woman who will just nod her head and say “YES “to everything.

They constantly adapt to their man’s needs, don’t express anger, laugh even if hurt, and are obedient. Men like a woman who can speak her mind and openly show her feelings. So be more you and less his woman, and it will result in a happy, respectful relationship.


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Are you bothered by his female friends? Do you get chills talking about his exes? You give him the eye if he is nice to his female co-worker? These are visible signs of jealousy, which men despise. If you constantly roll your eyes when he mentions a female, just know you are not doing any good. It is better you work on your confidence, self-control yourself, and do not control your man. Jealousy was and never will be a sign of love.

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