4 Men Born in These Zodiacs Are Not Relationship Material

Although you shouldn’t search for a boyfriend based on their birth month, it’s good to know who is and is not boyfriend material.

Of course, there is always an exception to the rule, but men born as these Zodiacs are not relationship material. 


If you are okay with seeing each other only when it is convenient for him and being the one who plans everything, then he is the one for you. Aries likes to have things his way only. 


Taurus acts as if they are doing you a favor by spending their precious time with you. But, in reality, they like complaining to others about their partner. 


Gemini wants you to dedicate yourself entirely to them but will not reciprocate the attention. For example, a male Gemini will never say the L-word first; if you say it, he will reply with thank you. 


Cancer has a reputation for being sensitive, but he only cares about his feelings. Therefore, they expect to be adored and complimented but never return the love. 

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