4 Best Kept Secrets About Love: Learn to Really Love Him

Love has no boundaries, no shape, or no conditions. If only we could understand this, we wouldn’t have to put on a chick-flick, grab a big ass spoon, and eat frozen ice cream while crying and indulging in self-pity.

What kills us the most is being stuck on someone? It is also known as being co-dependent, believing we cannot live without the other person. Sometimes we love someone so much that we lose ourselves completely.

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Once we love unconditionally, the pain of letting go can almost kill us. Loving someone unconditionally means accepting them for everything they are. We try to change them; because we are convinced we know the best. This is the beginning of a toxic relationship.

It is not easy having true love without it turning into a weak dependence. However, we may help with that – here are the three best secrets of how to live the fairytale forever: 

4. ASK YOURSELF: “How did it feel the first couple of days?” 

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It is a warning sign if you cannot remember the sweet beginning. The first time we love someone, we feel free and happy. Our senses become heightened, we have a new appreciation for life, and everything is just how it is supposed to be.

What is important: the feeling you had then. Remember what kind of person you became when you fell in love. Be grateful for the appreciation of life the love has brought to you. 

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