3 Zodiac Signs Who Are the Worst Boyfriends

Too emotional, untouchable, and demanding – they make the best of friends but terrible boyfriends! 


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Cancer is just too emotional and doesn’t know what to do with their emotions. If he loves you, it is like that forever. But if you feel he is not entirely sure, just leave him. Because waiting for him to make up his mind, is like waiting for rain in a drought season… 


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Dating a Capricorn is hard because even though he plays the untouchable, all walls fall down once he is by himself. It is easier to work in mine than handle a Capricorn. That’s why it is best to leave him be.


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Here is another sign which will drive you completely nuts. When in a good mood, they can be a lot to handle. They are not good at dealing with their emotions. They know how to insult you, but giving you a compliment is like rocket science to them. Let them practice on someone else and move on. 

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