3 Zodiac Signs That Always End Up Heartbroken

All things come to an end. Yes, it’s a breakup cliché – but it is way better than dramatic scenes.

Some people attract the right ones, and some are less fortunate. It’s not their fault they are unlucky. Zodiac explains why these three signs always end up disappointed in love and heartbroken.


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Gemini is outgoing and social, it likes meeting new people and going on adventures. They can easily find a partner but aren’t so good at keeping them. Since they are always looking for excitement, they might come off as irresponsible and unstable. This makes it hard to maintain the relationship.


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Cancer falls in love quickly because they rely on their emotions. They take everything personally with intense emotions. This feature makes it easy for them to get heartbroken. As a result, they are exceptionally unlucky in love and always end up getting their heart broken.


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The perfectionist Virgo pays attention to details and plans every little thing in their life. They will rarely do something spontaneously. This makes them dull, and not many people like dating them.

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