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3-Year-Old Dies Without Warning: 1 Week Later Doctors Make Terrible Discovery During Autopsy

Jasmine Shortland’s 3-year-old son, Bryan-Andrew, got a case of the chicken pox. He had a sore neck and a little swelling, but otherwise he was fine.

Bryan’s 23 year old mom dropped him and his brother, Austin off at their grandmas house. Austin had chicken pox without any complications, so Jasmine thought it wouldn’t be any different.


This was about to turn into the worst day of her life quite literally a nightmare.  Now she wants other parents to be aware so that they can prevent this from ever happening to them.

The morning afterward, Jasmine couldn’t wake Bryan-Andrew up.  No matter what she tried  following morning, Jasmine’s mother discovered that Bryan-Andrew would not wake up. No matter how hard she tried, even his grandma could not wake him up.

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