3 Signs That Will Hit It Off Only with Scorpio

Although there are rarely signs that don’t match well, some are just meant to be.

Scorpio is just passionate and attracts romance wherever they are. However, they are pretty picky. It takes a certain someone to fall in love with. Let’s see who their best match is.


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Even though some of the Taurus’ characteristics annoy the Scorpio, they are still attracted to them. Astrology is all about opposites and their realization of how similar they are. For Scorpio, it’s the Taurus.

They both prefer serious relationships, and once they find each other, they will do everything to make it work. Still, Scorpio is all about fairytale love, while the Taurus is more down-to-earth. Their spark makes it easier to get through difficult times.


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Cancer is maybe the most sensitive. They are both Water signs, so they can understand mutual emotional needs. Water signs are sensitive, intuitive, and spiritual. 

Scorpio likes darkness and is fascinated by unusual things. Unfortunately, cancer is a bit tenderer – so this combination is lethal but adorable at the same time.


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Their combined power lets them access a magic world when you put these two together. Their romance is a dream come true. The only disadvantage is that it disconnects them from reality.

They both want more out of life. They are on one foot in the dream world, the other in reality. They can escape reality together and forever stay there.

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