3 Horoscope Signs That Just Think How to Get You into Bed

They are notorious as $ex gods and have the wildest fantasies. So here are three Zodiacs that never want to leave the bedroom. 


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Gemini is the king of fetish. Passionate and kinky, Gemini is known for being unfaithful. They rarely end up being married or in a serious relationship. Instead, they are thrilled by flirting and playing games. Don’t be surprised if they resemble the fifty shades of gray character. 

Bondage is what turns them on and especially in a threesome. They just love the phone $ex and might even have a home video collection. Be careful – they don’t easily give up and always get their pray.


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They are as emotional as they are passionate. They consider $ex the best way to bond with someone and are very open to your suggestions. They will openly show if they are interested and if they want to get to know you better. 

Cancer is infamous as $ex addicts. They are insatiable and like to keep you up all night. But don’t worry, it will be a night to remember. 


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When it comes to love and lovemaking, they are always in charge. They are the alpha and omega of $ex skills and will introduce you to their wildest fantasies. They are known as the best lovers – their aura draws your attention and makes you play by their rules. 

If they got their eye on you, you would be theirs. The nightstand will stay in your memory as the most intriguing $ex you ever had. But, if you want to win them over, they get turned on by $exy underwear.


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