19-Year-Old Farmer and Tiktok Star Caitlyn Loane, Dies by Suicide – Rest in Peace

In the meantime, her mom Richele said that Caitlyn had turned into a motivation for female farming laborers the world over.

“Her smile lit up the room,” her mother said.

“She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty – in some photos she has mud up to her knees.”

@catieloane Who’s driving to Tasmania #womeninag ♬ original sound – hunter paige

Following word of her passing, tributes poured onto Caitlyn’s TikTok channel. The female farmer, who worked at her family’s 600-hectare property as a livestock manager, was known for her passion for cattle.

“Rest in peace gorgeous,” one commenter wrote. “You are an inspiration to many.”

Another said: “We are gonna miss you.”

Just one month prior to her death, Caitlyn was given the opportunity to judge cattle during Agfest Tasmania, described on its website as “a truly unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their quality products, people, brand and services to an ever increasing audience.”

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