18 Horoscope Couples That Will Never Be Happy in Love

Can incompatible astrological signs fall in love and be happy? Love is never simple. Some avoid imperfect matches, while others are wildly attracted to their opposites. In addition, a relationship’s big ups and downs turn some people on – because anything less than a complicated and messy relationship is boring.

Being in such a relationship requires hard work, but there’s nothing sweeter than that once it works out.


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To survive, the Cancer needs to stop being a conservative lover and should make the most out of their vulnerability. 

On the other hand, the Gemini should take it down a notch and grow up. It’s time to get their life together and make a plan.


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Instead of arguing about who’s in charge, these two should respect each other more and realize they’re equals.

The good thing is that they’ll always be honest about the issues and try to find a solution together.


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When the Aquarius finally tries to understand the Cancer’s patriarchal philosophy and his unwillingness to change, Cancer realizes that the Aquarius really does care (even if it doesn’t look like it), it will work out.


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Gemini should stop flirting with others if they wish to make it because it drives the jealous Scorpio crazy.

In contrast, Scorpio needs to comprehend the Gemini needs their own space – this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love you.


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Scorpios should control their passion and need for drama because Libra avoids confrontation at any cost.

Also, Libra’s desire to sometimes flirt with others can trigger Scorpio’s sane jealousy.


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They both have strong personalities, and once they get past their differences, the result will be excellent.

Most importantly, they’re each other’s best friends, and they have perfect mutual understanding and are also passionate lovers.


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This combination can be ideal only if they keep the inner child happy.

Gemini should pay more attention to their partner, and Pisces should not show too much worry – this can suffocate the full of life and wild natured Gemini.


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Such a romantic combination is based on mutual respect.

Even if they encounter problems, they’ll do anything to save the relationship. They did work hard to make it happen.


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Thanks to tolerance and genuine desire to listen and give a piece of advice to each other make, it is easy for them to surpass all the differences.

Romantic Pisces will do anything to melt the icy heart of the Aquarius and make them show their emotions more openly.


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Genuine combination of love and passion, even though the laziness of the Taurus bothers the energetic Aries. 

Therefore, Aries needs to be more romantic towards the Taurus and sometimes even slow down to keep up with him.


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Maybe they have a different view on many things, but it should be okay if there’s mutual trust.

They have to learn how to openly communicate and give up on controlling each other. Once they realize this, nothing is standing in their way.


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Once the Sagittarius realizes how much the Taurus needs stability and permanence and the Taurus doesn’t suppress the adventurous Sagittarius, it should work out.

When they make a compromise, they can enjoy their love in every way possible.


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With a faithful and obedient Virgo, Aries will discover all the nice things life offers.

However, the Virgo can be nitpicked, and the Aries should tone down the frivolity and impulsiveness.


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They found safety and trust in each other. Leo is the protector of the Virgo, and the Virgo is Leo’s biggest fan.

Leo should stop being so dramatic, and the Virgo should be more optimistic.


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This pair is open to compromise and changes because they know it’s the only way to stay together very well.

The Sagittarius should be mindful of its adventurous nature since the Virgo needs stability. As a result, Sagittarius tends to be less severe and chill, and the Virgo should sometimes try this approach.


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These two shouldn’t look at each other as competition but join their forces for the greater good. The Capricorn can break the hyperactive Aries with its mental strength.

Using their differences can have a positive and magnificent outcome.


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Capricorn initiates the changes in the love life, and it’s got Leo’s support. Sometimes Leo needs to cut down on partying since the Capricorn needs more peace and quiet.

Leo is satisfied no matter what, and for the Capricorn, that is the most important.


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There’s an unimaginable attraction between these two that turns into true love in time. Friendship and commitment are what keep them together.

However, the Sagittarius should give the Capricorn enough room to breathe. Capricorn is work-oriented, and Sagittarius has many separate interests. It doesn’t mean there’s no love anymore, but the Sagittarius just needs some alone time.

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