13 Love Horoscope Combinations That Will Never Be Together

The stars can help you find the perfect match. But, even if astrology is not your cup of tea, there are specific pairings that lead to a disaster in love.


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Aries is an extroverted and energetic individual and don’t get along with conservative people, such as Cancer. Although they are not total opposites, different priorities make this a catastrophe.


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The thrilling and active lifestyle of the Aquarius will attract the Cancer for the first couple of months. But, after a while, Cancer will want to stay in and get cozy, which will drive the Aquarius crazy. It might even cause infidelity.


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Leo and Taurus are both stubborn and inflexible personas with different priorities. Leos want fame and fortune, and Taurus wants stability and safety. Neither side will let go or accept the change quickly. The best they can hope for is mutual respect.


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Scorpio and Aries will constantly go at each other since they are both used to solo life. Maybe they will start with a bang but end tragically. Aries is a flirt, while Scorpio is jealous.


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Just forget about it! This cannot end well. Cancer is emotional and sensitive, while the Gemini is the ice queen. Their words can hurt more than a knife. Cancer cannot handle such a straightforward person.


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Leos like spending money, while Virgos like saving it up. A lot of relationships are wrecked by money troubles. The extravagant and chill nature of the Leo will come in clash with the conservative and calm nature of the Virgo.


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Capricorns’ desire to have everything under control will probably find a way to exploit the gullible Libra. Capricorns are moody and cold, unlike the emotional Libra. But, despite their differences, they can work things out if they give it a try.


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This pairing is doomed from the very beginning because of the stable Taurus and all over the place Aquarius. Taurus is too possessive, which doesn’t match the easygoing Aquarius.


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Pisces are sensible dreamers, the opposite of the enthusiastic Leo. The need for attention in Leo can excite the Pisces.


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Sagittarius likes to have a good time, while the Capricorn is melancholic. The optimism of the Sagittarius can make the Capricorn annoyed and make their relationship end abruptly.


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The adventurous Aquarius is always on the lookout for fun and excitement, while the Scorpio wants stability and peace. Things could work out if the Scorpio gives space to the Aquarius.


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Gemini needs its freedom and hates being slowed down. Pisces needs the stability provided by the Gemini. Pisces want to feel like they’re in a fairytale. In the beginning, there are sparks, but it quickly goes away. Gemini likes being in a long and lasting relationship and like their freedom.


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Virgo and Gemini have a different views on life. Virgos are profound and practical, while Gemini is two-faced and indecisive.

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