Astrology: 10 Reasons You Will Never Forget Cancer

Known as the silent type, he does have a wild side. Cancer might be a hopeless romantic, but there are some things no one knows. They keep them buried very well. Those kinds of secrets make them stand out in the crowd.

10. They are highly moody 

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A Cancer goes through so many mood swings that you get a headache trying to figure out the reason behind each of them.

9. They are protective 

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There’s always a natural balance. Their shell protects their delicate inside. So they tend to be very protective of what they care about.

8. Every day is another challenge

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If you really want to sweep them off their feet, then get ready to be constantly challenged.

7. There’s no compromise 

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You should give them all your loving’, support, and time.

6. Family comes first

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Cancers are very traditional and family–oriented. Their family is their safe place. 

5. Highly spiritual  

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They don’t feel the need to prove themselves. It’s more what’s inside than what the eye sees. Inner peace comes first, before family or love.

4. The soul empire 

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The dilemma between material and spiritual is solved for them – all the Earthly good are worthless. So harmony is the most important for their family life.

3. They spot a liar from a mile away 

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They are very sensual, seductive, naïve, and easily fall in love. However, if they think your feelings aren’t true, there’s no next step.

2. Spoil them 

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Don’t forget that Cancer likes to be pampered and has great expectations. So nothing less than 100% is good enough.

1. Cupid in disguise 

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The key to Heaven and Cupid’s door is the Cancer’s hands. The secret word is safely kept so no one else can steal their love.


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