10 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy to Be Single

Being single should not be a problem – in fact, you should enjoy the benefits of a single life.

Some might say that cold, autumn, rainy days are perfect for searching for someone to spend romantic nights in with… but if you are single, you should not be sad! 

Single life can be enjoyable only if you want it to be. Here are some reasons we think a single status has its benefits: 


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When in a relationship, you always have to make compromises and consider your partner’s wishes. What you should eat, what movies you should watch, where your vacation would be, etc.

If you are single, you can do as you please without feeling guilty or being called inconsiderate. Enjoy the complete freedom and the free will!

9. YOUR MONEY IS YOURS ONLY ena okt 2020 129

It is true that a single person only has one source of money and the perks of sharing the costs, but also, there’s no one to track how and where you spent your money. So, for example, you can buy a hundred pairs of shoes without someone nagging you about it.

8. YOU CAN BE A BETTER FRIENDena okt 2020 126

 Once you get tied to someone, your priorities change. Your evenings out with friends or crazy Saturday nights can be replaced by date night (especially if you do not have much free time). Sometimes you even put your friends last.

One of the most common scenarios is that women replace their oldest friends with their new boo. Solo girls do not have such issues and can be dedicated friends.

7. INDEPENDENCEena okt 2020 101

It is human nature to rely more on others, and when you are taken, your partner carries the heavyweight. However, if you are single, you don’t have to accept someone else’s emotional burden, and you also learn how to deal with your own.

In a way, you are forced to deal with it because no one else will. But, on the other hand, it is not a bad thing because you are more involved, and from the beginning, you know you have the strength to go through it. You won’t ever be let down by you.


There is not much to add here, really. You have the whole bed to yourself, without anyone pushing you to the side or snoring. 

You can take up as much space as you want.

5. YOU SAVE UP ON THE RAZORSena okt 2020 135

You can let your (body) hair down, especially now that it is freaking cold. No one will reprimand you for not trimming your body hair every day. 

4. NO BOYFRIEND, NO DRAMAena okt 2020 148

Relationships carry a certain weight with them – arguments, jealousy, tears … when being single, there is no drama. Single life equals minus fights, emotional blackmailing, and spite. 

3. BECOMING THE BOSS LADYena okt 2020 152

Considering your schedule just got a bit more free space, you can use it to work on yourself. No one is there to complain about some extra hours or working weekends. Also, you won’t feel guilty for choosing a career over love.

2. THE SKY IS THE LIMITena okt 2020 151

Some miserable couples feel stuck in a relationship or stay together out of habit because of the children or being embarrassed about getting divorced. Single people never have these problems – they have thousands of opportunities.

1. IT IS ALL ABOUT  YOU ena okt 2020 139

Ok, let’s get real for a minute. You should stop thinking there’s something wrong with you because you are not taken and take it as a blessing. This is your opportunity to focus on YOU and what YOU want to do in life. 

The life of a solo person lets you discover your true self and, most importantly, learn to love YOURSELF. And then, when the time is right, someone who also loves you will come along and show you that you can be double loved.

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