10 Reasons Proving Why It’s Difficult to Love A Leo

Once you fall for a Leo, it’s a real roller-coaster of emotions. They tend to be very demanding and needy. It feels like you fell down into a rabbit hole, and you won’t ever leave the wonderland. You either love them or hate them. There’s no middle. This list of 10 reasons shows why they’re so challenging. 

10. Very stubborn 

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There’s no one more stubborn and full of oneself than the Leo (he didn’t the name for nothing). They hate being told what to do and they never think anything is their fault. In the beginning, you may even find it cute that they are opinionated, but after a while, it makes you want to smack the cockiness out of them.

9. Sensible 

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They will always put themselves first and their ego is enormous. However, this doesn’t always have to be wrong. When they meet someone who loves them as much as they love themselves, they will be swiped off their feet.

8. Possessive 

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It’s a general rule – they don’t share. On the other hand, they are very loyal, and they give 100% in everything they do. They are almost insanely jealous.

7. Born leaders 

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One of the reasons they are irresistible and sexy is their self-confidence. They were born to lead and be followed. They will get involved in everything and don’t like being bossed around. They tend to look down on people and assume they are the best.

6. Arrogant 

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They think highly of themselves and always brag about how amazing they are or what amazing things they have. But, of course, not everyone can listen to this self-proclamation and eventually becomes sick of it. 

5. Impatient 

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Everything has to be interesting. If they have to invest a lot of time into something, they will give up on it. So anything that requires patience and commitment is not for them. 

4. Vanity 

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On the one hand, it’s easy talking with them. Just tell them something you like about them to get the conversation started. It’s okay initially, but it starts to piss you off after a while. For most people, they are too demanding.

3. Ambitious 

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They always set high goals, which can be pretty intimidating. For Leo, being in a happy relationship is never enough. They always yearn for more. Sometimes being successful is more important than being a good partner. This can cause their other half to give up on their love story.

2. Too exciting

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If anyone can make you feel like you’re close to the edge, it’s a Leo. Adrenaline is always running in their veins and only a small number of people can keep up with them. As a result, they rarely settle down and engage in daily routines.

1. They enjoy drama 

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If you cannot handle someone’s constant drama, you should not choose a Leo. They always feel extremely happy or sad, and everyone around them should know about it. Unfortunately, not many people can deal with the drama,


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