10 Juicy Things About Themselves Virgos Would Rather Keep a Secret

If your partner is a Virgo, here are 10 things you should know (even if they don’t want you to).

Maybe the Cancer gets clammed up, or the Scorpio is mysterious. Still, nobody hides their true colors as well as the judgmental, perfectionist Virgo. So whatever the nature of your relationship with them is, it would be good to know these 10 things.

10. Sensitivity 

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A Virgo is very sensitive, so be very careful around them. They try really hard to keep their emotions under control. But, unfortunately, they keep them bottled up so often that they blow up every now and then. They need to have a safe haven. 

9. Say what you mean, mean what you say 

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Virgos can’t stand mind games and don’t like guessing the hidden meaning. If they have to “crack the code” to figure out your feelings and thoughts, they think the worst of you. So be honest but do not be harsh.

8. Discipline and hard – work 

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The concept of creative mess is a true crime for Virgos. You don’t have to be a perfectionist but have your house in order. 

7. Make them the center of the Universe 

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They give 100 %, even if they don’t get anything in return. Besides, if you think they are harsh to you, believe me, they are too strict on themselves too. If you spoil a Virgo, they will reward you double.

6. Do not underestimate their intuition 

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Always be completely honest and tell it how it is. They can smell your lies from a mile away and they appreciate honesty most of all. They will notice if you’re having difficulty talking seriously and will support you. Even if you tell a white lie, they get mad.

5. Don’t take them for granted 

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Their loyalty has no limits. They will stay by your side no matter what. But if the love /friendships are one-sided, they will cut you off. Don’t be fooled they will give you plenty of chances before they cut you off for good.

4. Hardcore workaholics 

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They are all in (friendship, hobby, or work). They proud themselves on being diligent and can’t stand things to be done halfway. So if you are all in, they will reward you. And don’t be surprised if work comes first.

3. They need their space 

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Give them space for some me-time. An actual social butterfly, but at the same time highly appreciates me – time. They need to balance between the time they share with you and the time they dedicate to themselves. 

2. Be their biggest fan 

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They need someone to constantly make them feel good about themself (they are pretty self-critical). 

1. They are not so Virgin 

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Don’t let their innocent name fool you. They are FIRE! 

They might hold back initially, but once they can trust you 100% – don’t be shocked. They are all in (the sack, too). 


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